Aerofoam® XLPE  Polyolefin Insulation Tubes are long-lasting closed cell thermal insulators with very low thermal conductivity. The closed-cell cross-linked polyolefin Insulation foam structure controls condensation, has high thermal efficiency, and sound absorption. In addition to the dimensional stability, the insulation tubes have a ‘memory effect’ that enables them to spring back to their original shape.  The polyolefin insulation tubes are thick, which match most of the usual pipe sizes up to 40 inches and can be coated with foil or can be plain.

Not only are they environmentally friendly, they pose no harm to human health and have zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP), Global Warming Potential (GWP) of less than 5 , and a low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) of less than 4 µg/m2/hr in 24 hours.  All Aerofoam® XLPE insulation Tubes comply with LEED requirements.

Aerofoam XLPE polyolefin tubes are available in standard Aluminum Silver Color Foil or it can be customized to black, red, blue and other colors as well.

xlpe polyolefin insulation tubes



  • Chilled water pipe insulation
  • Hot water pipe insulation
  • Coldwater pipe insulation
  • Industrial pipe insulation (Pharma, Food and Beverages, Chemical)
  • Oil and gas pipe lines.

To install Aerofoam® XLPE Polyethylene Tubes in a professional manner, please drop an email at to receive the installation handbook.



 Fire rated “CLASS O” as per BS 476 Parts 6 & 7
 Very low water vapor permeance [perms]  2.15×10-10 g/m2.s.Pa
 Very low water absorption rate (0.3% by volume)
 High thermal efficiency (λ[W/(m•k)]  0.032 – 0.035
 (23 °C – 45 °C)
 Wide temperature range (from -50 °C to +105 °C)
 Chemical resistance – resistant of tubing to most chemicals (sodium, silica, fluoride,
chloride, etc.)
 Antibacterial & anti-fungal
 Environmental friendly – ODP = 0 and GWP < 5
 Very low VOC emission level ( < 4 µg/m2/hr in 24 hours)
 Good mechanical resistance
 Sound absorption properties
 Perfect fit to most of the pipe sizes
 Easy and fast to install
 Aesthetical look




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