Specialized flexible self adhesive tapes made of NBR flexible elastomeric Foam, 3mm thick


  • Designed and dedicated for aerofoam NBR insulation solution system
  • Suitable for valves and nonstandard shapes of the installation
  • Suitable for all kind of joints and fittings for piping and ducting inside the building
  • Pipes and ducts flange nonstandard valves
  • Small pipe diameters
  • Additional insulation layer


  • Flexible sealant for all kind of joints and fittings
  • Thermal insulation and good seal at the same time
  • Long lasting performance
  • High hygiene keeps fungi and molds away.


Aerofoam NBR Foam Tape TDS (Download Link)


NBR Tape as Closing Tape1Gasket ApplicationAerofoam NBR Insulation Foam Tape