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Insulation system failures in most cases arise due to wrong selection of material, sizes and can result in condensation. Malfunctions related to condensation is an issue that can occur in various premises. If not resolved, it can cause an excessive amount of costly and difficult to resolve problems. If cold pipes begin operating in an environment ambient temperature and relative humidity are exceeding the capacity of the insulation’s characteristics, condensation will be the result.


In a recent project, Aerofoam® provided its XLPE Alupet closed-cell and low lambda value thermal insulation. This resulted in eliminating condensation occurrence at the meat market.

In a food market it is imperative to keep temperatures at a level to maintain food products fresh, but the challenge of the market with high ambient temperatures and high relative condensation made the risk of condensation.

The thermal insulation foam installed earlier created a complete family of problems as follows:

  • Water accumulation on the false ceiling resulting in stains
  • Development of fungus and bacteria resulting in air quality risks and contamination of the food
  • Environmental pollution
  • Oxidation of metallic elements above the ceiling.

This project was a conventional case of “Sick-Building Syndrome (SBS)”. Apart from the problem at the top, as often there were underlaying problems such as:

  • Extreme energy loss due to the insulation material being completely wet and has lost its functionality
  • Final temperature of glycol being higher and forcing the refrigeration system to increase the compressor energy to reach desired temperatures, this resulted in reducing the life expectancy of the complete cooling system.

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Incorrect selection of insulation material, sometimes combined with inappropriate installation can leed to a series of critical problems. Through the effective and quality thermal insulation solutions by Aerofoam®, in combination with the expertise and service Aerofoam® will keep your business running and your cash where it belongs.


After completion of this project, Aerofoam® solved the issues and obtained the following successful results:

  • Free of condensation
  • Free of fungus
  • Energy savings
  • Compressor working at normal conditions
  • A happy customer!

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