AeroSound SLM Acoustic Barrier

Material: Convoluted PU foam bonded to a flexible MLV-mass loaded vinyl acoustic barrier with pure aluminium foil.
Weight: 5kg/m2 ± 5%
Width: 1350mm
Length:2.5m and 5m

slm acoustic insulation


AeroSound SLM can be used on:
Pipes – Engineered to meet the building code, AeroSound SLM is a great solution for waste water pipes as well as any other pipes requiring an acoustic solution.
AeroSound SLM –  is suitable to be used in both ducting and ventilations application,providing excellent reduction of sound transmission.
Walls/Ceilings – suitable for use in walls and ceilings as an acoustic barrier preventing sound transmission from both indoors and outdoors.

mass loaded vinyl insulation


Acoustic Performance – Use of a specially engineered flexible acoustic barrier provides excellent reduction in noise transmission.
Durability – An aluminium foil barrier provides excellent protection to the product once installed
Flexibility – Use of a very flexible foam combined with an acoustic barrier allows for ease of installation in all applications.
Long Lasting Performance

Required Accessories :


  • Highly flexible allowing fast installation times.
  • Designed to be used in multiple applications.
  • Fibre free non irritant product, requiring no special protective equipment.
  • Low VOC emissions complying with building standards.

Installation Manual


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